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This Chop

Okay, I’m obsessed with this wavy bob/lob phenomenon. This tousled look is so adorable that I’m ready to chop my hair to join these fabulous girls.

brittrenaemooreshort brittrenaemooreshort2 brittrenaemooreshort3 brittrenaemooreshort4 brittrenaemooreshort5 brittrenaemooreshort6 brittrenaemooreshort7 brittrenaemooreshort8 brittrenaemooreshort9 brittrenaemooreshort10 brittrenaemooreshort11 brittrenaemooreshort12 brittrenaemooreshort13 brittrenaemooreshort14 brittrenaemooreshort15

AH! I’m so ready. What do you think of these cuts? Which one is your favorite and why? The second one down is my favorite! I love that it keeps the hair off the neck. I have a tattoo on the back of my neck and this cut would totally show that off.

New haircolor trend! Welcome ecaille! Goodbye ombre!

Ombre had a great 5 years, and now, people are ready to move on. This hair trend is quite similar to the ombre, however, there is a huge difference in the two that you will need to know when shopping for this look.

Introducing ecaille (AKA “tortoiseshell” in French).

I have been doing a lot of research on this so you don’t have to and I would like to consider myself a pro! {insert curtsy here}. Here is what I have learned about the ecaille .

Its pronounced like this: Ick-eye-elle. It is a french word so it may be pronounced differently when American’s start using it but this is how the French pronounce it. [Please correct me if I am wrong]

The word means scale. Most scales on a creature are the same color but a few of them are a different color.

ecaille scales

Ombre is a bit different. It means to graduate in tone or transition from dark to light or vise versa.

ombre fade2

When someone comes in asking for an ombre I think of the hair gradually fading into another color, usually blonde. I also think of the ends all being the same lightness and tone. Here is an example:


Ecaille is more like the scales picture. The colors are mixed in together adding dimension and depth rather than  melting into another color half way down.


Although these two looks differ by appearance they are both achieved using the same technique, balayage. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. Application is key! Your stylist should know what to do just by looking at pictures so if this is what you are aiming to achieve, take a few of or favorite photos! Bring as many as you can but keep your goal in mind. I should state however, even though you bring a picture to the best stylist in LA you are not guaranteed to walk out looking like your photos. There are a lot of things that come into the equation such as your undertones, length, and texture. But that’s for another topic for another time!

What to expect when you ask for this coloring technique:

Imagine being out in the sun all day. The beach is warm and the sun is bright! When you go home and look in the mirror you may notice the lightness of your hair has changed a bit. You notice it right around you face immediately, where your hair is delicate and has the most exposure to the sun. You then notice it about an inch out from your roots. That hair is about 2 months old and more porous than your new growth because it has been exposed to all of your daily hair rituals for the last two months.

There will also be dimension. Allow me to explain. When I was a kid I watched Nickelodeon all the time! I loved watching my favorite actors get slimed. I remember when the slime would fall of those with longer hair, the first layers of hair would blanket as to protect the inner layers. The same goes with being sun lightened; but also keep in mind this may change depending on how your hair is cut. If you wear you hair wavy and layered, the sun is likely to hit some layers of hair underneath when your hair moves. If you wear your hair long and straight the sun wouldn’t be able to lighten layers underneath. For this reason, you should wear your hair how you wear it most often when you go to your stylist for this coloring. If you are always changing your hair from straight to wavy to curly, wear your hair how it would naturally fall. Fresh from washing it let it air dry without manipulating it in any way. Your stylist needs to see where to put the balayage lightening.

The last difference I need to point out is the tone. Ecaille is subtle and natural. Ombre is light and usually more dramatic. You want to look sun-kissed. As if you have been relaxing on the beach all weekend. This is intended to look natural, only 2-3 shades lighter than your base color. Below are a few photos that you can take a look at in hopes to really bring it home :)

I hope this helps you find the difference a little better!


Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of this style. Do you plan to see your stylist about this?

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Light Ash Melt

Ash blonde. That’s what every blonde wants! Becoming a blonde is a process. One that, depending how dark your natural color is, can take you through many phases of red, orange, and yellow. This is my roommate/brothers-better-half Kara. I have been highlighting her hair for about a year. Most recently she asked for low-lights to add some dimension. I added a 6n and it made her hair pull an orange base and her highlights toned themselves yellow.

Last night she showed me a picture of Taylor Swift’s new darker do saying she like how natural it looked and I knew exactly what to do!

Natural is not highlights. I wanted to darken the highlights but still use them to keep her hair blonde. I also wanted to darken the base just a tad and use that color to blend the blonde in better. Here is exactly what I did to cool this gorgeous lady down.

For this look I used Paul Mitchell the Color 6n+ for the base. This color is specifically for grey hair but it pulls a green undertone so I knew it would get cancel out the orange base.

I just put the 6n+ on the first inch of her regrowth.

Then I used Paul Mitchell’s 8a for the rest.

I put this color from that first inch of regrowth to the ends. When applying both colors make sure you angle your applicator brush so you don’t have a straight line of demarcation where the two colors meet. You really want them to blend together. Overlapping them is ideal for this technique.

Let the color process for 35 minutes (unless the brand you are using says otherwise)

I love CHI Silk Infusion for finishing. It smells amazing and adds a glossy shine that makes freshly colored hair look super healthy! Be careful though! Using too much can make you hair look oily.

  And that’s that! I love this cooler color on her so much! She look amazing and I’m so glad I photographed this session for you guys to see! I love sharing my color creations with you all!

[[Paul Mitchell the Color is only sold to licensed professionals]]

New Year!

Happy ne2015w year to you all! I hope that this year inspires you all to challenge your selves in new ways and to learn so many new things!

I am starting this new year off with something I should have done 5 years ago. I am going back to school. I have dreams of owning a salon some day soon so I plan to get a business degree.

Every time I see a For Lease sign I think of all the ways I could design it to be a flourishing salon! I love shops with a brick storefront and a large dramatic door. I dream of all the sales I will have and how fun it will be to meet new people every day. The inside of the salon will be fresh and bright. Always changing but keeping an industrial look. I want my guest’s to feel like they are backstage at a fashion show getting ready to walk the runway. Sounds cheesy but that’s my dream.

What do you all look for in a salon? What are your goals for 2015? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!