2015 Fall Mops

While it is still 100 degrees here in sunny California, fall is just 2 weeks away. Each year brings new possibilities and opportunities but one thing remains the same, when the weather cools down, hair warms up! Red and copper hair is everywhere and lazy hair styles are pinned on the double. This time around, instead of gushing about how much I love red hair I thought I’d show you a few hair colors and styles that I have been seeing on celebs as summer winds down.


So, there’s this new color people are calling bronde. I would say its dark blonde almost brunette. I’ve seen many celebs wear this color but its making a serious statement this fall. Ditch your highlights, soften your obmre and opt for this gorgeous, simple color! Personally, I’m so over the ombre. I love a little bit of light within the hair to add movement and depth but only a shade or two different. I’m so glad this softer look is making waves!

Kate Bosworth Bronde

bronde 1



Boho Waves

Speaking of waves, it’s no surprise messy waves are still very trendy! I don’t see these going anywhere for a few more years.

Jullianne Hough Wavy Hair




Low and Lose

We love simple. Wearing a low pony or bun is elegant and beautiful. Over the summer I was wearing a lot of high pony tails (thanks, Ariana Grande) because I though it was in style and it makes my face look thinner but 2015 NY Fashion Week says low ponies and buns are where it’s at. These looks are cool and casual and that totally fits my simple style!

Olivia Palermo Hair


low bun



The Hun

This half-up top knot finally has a name! Ladies and gents, the Hun. It’s been very popular all summer long and going strong!

Kate Mara Hun





This overwhelming list is just a few ideas to help freshen up your look this fall! The most important thing to remember is that trying to be trendy is just not trendy. Be you, be unique, and have fun trying new things! Follow me in Instagram and tag me showing how trendy you aren’t :) #trendyisnottrendy


Healthy Hair 101

Since moving to Orange County 2 years ago I have yet to find someone to replace my hair stylist Kelly from San Diego. I have gone to a few different places here and there but I haven’t found a stylist here that I love yet. It’s been way too long since my last hair cut [3 months exactly] and I find myself cutting my split ends off strand by strand while watching TV. Let’s just say, Michael does not appreciate the little hairs I leave behind. [ew]

But I know that split ends don’t end at my next haircut. I need to maintain my healthy hair at home every day. So I am writing this to not only share with you the best ways to maintain healthy, split-free hair, but also as a reminder to myself how I need to change the way I treat my hair.


God-given Nourishment

There are many home remedies for healthy hair that you can Google. About 10,521,686 of them will pop up. All different foods you can put in your hair from raw eggs to mayonnaise, every kind of oil you can think of and yes, even beer. All of these will add shine because of the oils in the food but I have found over time that the best home remedy for dry brittle hair is avocado mixed with coconut oil. The avocado is rich with natural oils and omega fatty acids while coconut oil has the ability to penetrate the hair rather than just coat the hair like some other oils do. Coconut oil is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which is great for rebuilding your hair from the cortex out! For a hair mask, mash an avocado and mix in some coconut oil to create a creamy paste. Massage into hair and leave in for at least 30 minutes with a little heat. Wash out with a gentle shampoo and style. If you’re looking for a quick fix, apply a small amount of coconut oil to dry ends after using hot tools. This will add a shine and replace your professional oils.

“Lauric acid, capric acid, and vitamin E (all present in coconut oil) help restructure hair, increase hair’s strength by preventing protein loss, and vastly improve shine.”  –Kendra Aarhus

 Gentle Wash

The quality of shampoo and conditioner you use on a regular basis will reflect in your hair over time. Using a harsh shampoo loaded with chemicals, stripping away your hairs natural oils will leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. Growing up I used what we could afford, Suave. When I attended cosmetology school I learned the importance of a good quality shampoo. Lately I have been learning about the importance of organic. Not just high priced items with an organic label but really checking the ingredients and figuring out what I want to put in my hair. For the last few weeks I have been using Tea Tree shampoo and coconut oil instead of conditioner.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I wash my hair about 3 times a week with Tea Tree shampoo which is paraben free, vegan, and color safe. It is not organic but most of the ingredients are plant extracts and cleaning agents which my scalp needs after 3 days of no washing. I then apply coconut oil from scalp to ends and leave on for as long as possible. Sometimes that’s 10 minutes and sometimes I get out of the shower for about an hour. When I wash it out I use the Tea Tree shampoo again to get the oil off of the surface of my hair but rest assured knowing that the oil is actually inside of the hair.

Get it here –   Paul Mitchell Tea Tree

Get it here –   Spectrum Coconut Oil

Brush Brush Brush

The brush you use plays a big part in the elasticity of your hair. Brushing your hair when wet can cause your fragile hair to stretch and break resulting in more frizz and fly-aways. Use a wet brush to comb your hair when wet to prevent unwanted pulling. This brush has the most flexible bristles on the market, making it the only brush you should ever use when combing wet hair. If you do not want to invest (it’s seriously only 8 bucks) then make sure to take extra care of your hair when it is wet by towel drying as much as possible and never using a regular brush to detangle, always use a wide tooth comb.

Update Your Tools

curling iron

Having outdated tools can be very damaging to your hair. The blow-dryer you grabbed because it was on sale 5 years ago may be why your experiencing so much damage. Your stylist will likely recommend a $100+ blow-dryer that promises a world of difference. Listen to her/him! I spent my whole life using my mom’s $30 Revlon blow-dryer and always had unruly dry hair. It wasn’t until I started beauty school that I got a $200 blow-dryer that changed my hair’s life! I quickly realized that my coarse, frizzy hair had great potential to become silky and bouncy!

Your hot tools (ie: straightener, curling iron) may also be in need of an update. Using a straighter with metal plates may be causing extreme breakage. When looking for a new straightener, go for one with ceramic plates, they are much more gentle because ceramic will not pull on the hair. Also keep in mind that you need a straightener to get up to at least 400°F. Anything below that will not be hot enough to smooth out your hair in a quick amount of time. As a result, your hair will be exposed to extreme heat for a longer period of time causing your cuticle to be open longer. In short, get a hot iron with ceramic plates.

I am a Paul Mitchell girl so here is a link to the tools I use at home and in the salon – Paul Mitchell Pro Tools

Prevent Heat Damage

Not protecting your hair from heat is like not wearing sunscreen to the beach on a sunny day. You will likely get burned and damage your skin. Use a product that will coat the hair to prevent heat damage from all your blowouts and styles. I use Hot Off The Press to keep my strands protected. Don’t use heat without some sort of protection!

Get a Haircut

The most obvious way to snip out split ends is to literally, snip them out. Healthy hair that goes through the everyday wear and tear should get trimmed every 6-8 weeks. You should always have a hair appointment scheduled with your stylist no matter what. There’s nothing more frustrating for me as a stylist than a client calling demanding a haircut ASAP when the next time I have available is 2 weeks from now. I can’t tell you how many times a client has “threatened” to go to Supercuts if I don’t get them in within a week. Honestly, go. You’ll be back when you need your bad haircut fixed.

Before you leave your stylist, BOOK YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT. Don’t plan your week then try to schedule an appointment, schedule your appointment then plan your week.


Conditioning Treatments

 You are able to help your hair up to a certain point. If you color your hair or use hot tools you should receive a professional conditioning treatment often. Remember, the tips listed above are to help you maintain healthy hair between visits to your stylist, not to replace your stylist.

High Shine

If you have really dry, over-processed hair, you probably color your hair often. Ask your stylist if a gloss or stain will work for you. If you use a gloss or stain it will only coat your hair with a color tone rather than permanently change the color of your hair resulting in less damage. If you have lots of grey that you get covered, this may not work for you.

Au Naturale


Give your hair a break. There are many styles that you can rock that don’t involve a hot tool. Wash your hair the night before and let it air dry. In the morning you hair may be big and crazy [as mine would].  Just go with it! Add some coconut oil to tame the frizz and work that God-given hair! Or maybe you hair is limp and lifeless. Add some dry shampoo to give it some ‘umph’ and maybe add a braid or clip to manage the hair framing your face. Or maybe your hair is too unruly to wear naturally. There are so many simple updo’s you can try. Anything to give your hair a break will prolong the life of your last haircut.

For those wanting to grow out a relaxer or perm, here is an excellent article that I know you will find useful!



Healthy hair begins and ends with you. The choices you make in your day to day life will reflect in the health of you hair, skin, and nails. Drinking lots of water will keep your skin and scalp hydrated so hair can grow out long and strong. Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat outdoors. Keep those ends trimmed and take advantage of all the things that God has given us such as oils and plants. Healthy hair is beautiful!

X Brittany

Academy Awards from Head to Toe

The 87th annual Academy Awards were on last night and to be quite honest, I wasn’t blown away by anyone’s dress or tux. I felt like most of the dresses were chosen in the wrong color and I didn’t care for the lack of creativity. I understand that the Oscars are a prestigious event and it’s important to look sophisticated, but I wish I saw a little more individuality. On the other hand, almost everyone’s makeup looked fabulous! I loved a lot of the up styles I saw and of course the classic Hollywood waves are a must.

Here is my list for best hair and makeup.


Anna Kendrick

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Elle Fanning


Kerry Washington


Margot Robbie


Thea Andrews



Zoe Saldana


Felicity Jones


Jennifer Hudson


Jessica Chastain


Naomi Watts


Reese Witherspoon


Rita Ora


Zendaya Coleman



Here are my top 8 from last nights red carpet attire.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson


Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom

America Ferrera

Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya Coleman


Anna Kendrick


Julianne-Hough -2015-Elton-John-AIDS-Foundation-Academy-Awards-Party--03-662x912

Julianne Hough

rosamund-pike-oscars-red-carpet-2015- Givenchy

Rosamund Pike in Givenchy

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Sienna Miller


My favorite all over look was Zendaya Coleman. Her makeup was flawless, the dreads are rockin, and this dress, oh this dress. She totally reminds me of Marilyn Monroe  with this white, off the shoulder satin dress. I love the simple jewelry she chose and the lip color she is wearing. But, no one is perfect. The only thing I don’t love is her clutch. To me, at first glance, it looks like a hotdog.

Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya Coleman

Let me know what you think about these dresses. Do you see one that you love?

Grammy Fashion

For me, the Grammys are all about sexy and sophisticated style. I love seeing confidence and class in the gowns chosen and I adore a man in a fitted tux. I love seeing some skin, don’t get me wrong, but I love when a woman can wear something that makes her feel sexy without showing us everything. Sexy cutouts were all over the red carpet and makeup was kept simple and romantic. Here is my list of the best dressed celebs at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

Kylie Jenner in Steven Khalil

Kylie Jenner in Steven Khalil

Kylie looks stunning in this Steven Khalil gown covered in crystals. Her makeup is simple and flawless and I love that she keeps everything nude. She looks like a tall glass of champagne filled with diamonds. Kylie gets a 10 out of 10 from me. Perfect.

Big Sean in  Saint Laurent

Big Sean in Saint Laurent

Being a hairdresser and working in a salon where the dress code is all black, I can tell you that matching blacks is a lot harder than one may think. I love that Big Sean chose to wear this all black tux from Saint Laurent. It is simple and doesn’t take any attention away from his handsome face. It lacks creativity so this look gets a 9.

Giuliana Rancic in Steve Khalil

Giuliana Rancic in Steve Khalil

Giuliana is so fabulous in this black Steve Khalil dress. I chose this dress as a favorite because she is covered up while still showing a lot of skin. She could have opted to wear the dress with the slit all the way down to her naval but instead she chose to wear that banduo giving her a little more coverage. I wish she would darken her hair and I would have loved to see her hair up. But other than that, this look gets an 8.

In Sand Copenhagen

Aloe Blacc in Sand Copenhagen

Aloe Blacc, I love you. Everything about this tux is flawless. The fit is perfect, the color is gorge, and the bow tie and shoes complement each other so well. That hat is not my favorite but I am glad to see him wearing one. I just wish it was a different style. This gets a 9 from me.

In Alexandre Vauthier

Miley in Alexandre Vauthier

From the front, Miley looks stunning. I hate the back of this dress so I’m not going to bother showing it. The cutouts make this dress what it is. Without them this would be a basic black dress. I give this a 7.

John Mayer in dapper tux

John Mayer in dapper tux

Dear John, you are perfect. I love John in a tux. His glasses are what really make this look though. He looks so clean and dapper and those glasses give him a bit of uniqueness. Because I love his over-sized bow tie and glasses, this look gets an 8.

In Elie Saab

Taylor in Elie Saab

Taylor swift in this Elie Saab gown is the best thing I have ever seen. I love everything about this look from her light teal earrings to her magenta heels. I have no others words for her than perfect. She gets a 10.

In Alberta Ferretti

Jhene Aiko in Alberta Ferretti

Jhene Aiko is sweet and simple in this Alberta Ferretti gown. I love the colors against her skin tone and those killer arms are worthy of that strapless dress. She looks gorgeous! She gets a 9 because I feel like this could have been even better a few years ago. I think it’s a little outdated.


Tell me what you think! Did you have a favorite fashion moment from Sunday’s award show? Tell me in the comments below!